Christians and their faith communities are our primary audience as we discuss the need for prayer. Those prayers to the Spirit that provide the starting point for their accompanying actions, in response to today’s integral human and ecological crises.

We present links to scientific evidence and to many recognized experts, organizations and spiritual church representatives already actively involved out of concern for our planet and all life depending on it for their existence.

The crux of the complex issues with climate change and global warming and how we may best respond individually and collectively to the critical challenges.

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Our suggestion is this download: Caritas in Veritate: For Everyone! 

About:   Sustainable humanity and sustainable nature is our responsibility. Prayer is our first response to better focus our collective actions.

2015 Eco-News:  Features 2015 internet links on climate change as addressed by religious leaders through their various news media.

The Faithful:  Urges Christians who also know the value of prayer to return God, especially the Spirit, to the forefront of the struggles in meeting climate change issues.

Faith Communities: Identifies the church sanctuary as the centre from which focused prayers and action should be initiated by the pastoral teams so Christians can best live “The Golden Rule”.

Who We Are/ Contact Us: We are Christians who believe in integral human and ecological justice as testament to our Faith. An E-mail address is included.

Q’s and A’s: This page does not cover theological or scientifically technical questions in keeping with the primary intent of encouraging prayers and actions by faith communities, supported by their pastoral teams.

Downloads: Potential bulletin or web site inserts (Word doc.) which the faithful and their pastoral teams can edit or amend to best suit their congregational God-given-gifts.

Links: A list of informational links used in developing our website.

Praise to God’s Creation: Poetry, video, websites and essays that praise our beautiful planet and all life that exists upon our Earth.

Active Prayer: Provides links to sites also advocating prayers for our ecology, global warming and climate change.

Laudato si: Devoted to the 2015 Environmental Encyclical of Pope Francis and commentaries from reliable sources.



















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