Everyone of good-faith is equally faced with the same ecological and human distresses. We all share the same planet. We all have a vested interest in ensuring that it will continue to provide sustenance and habitat for all living things. The future of many species, ours included, is at stake.

The Encyclical, the Jesuit Guide for Discussion and Action, this website and countless other resources do not lend themselves to short tweets or sound bites. And yet, everyone needs to be reached. Our suggestion is this two page download: Caritas in Veritate: For Everyone! 

Christians and their faith communities are our primary audience as we discuss the need of prayer. Those prayers will provide the base for their accompanying actions, taken in response to today’s integral human and ecological crises.

We present links to recorded scientific evidence and to many persons and organizations already actively involved out of concern for our planet and all life that depend upon it for their existence.  They provide proof that no one needs to feel helpless or alone to contribute to the solutions.  

We have just completed sending the following E-mail letter to each Roman and Anglican Catholic, United Church and Lutheran Church leader. In it we ask what efforts we can undertake together in anticipation of Pope Francis’ Encyclical on our Ecology. Letter to Church Leaders re Spring Encyclical 2015

About: Focuses on the ecological duress and human distress that exists today on our beautiful planet, while introducing the power of prayer in support of actions responding to the urgent challenges.

The Faithful: Addresses Christians who know the value of prayer, while acknowledging they are probably already active in personal “green” activities other possibilities are suggested, especially prayers to return God to the forefront of the struggles.

Faith Communities
Identifies the church sanctuary as the centre from which focused prayers and action should be initiated by the pastoral teams so that Christians can best live “The Golden Rule”.

Who We Are/ Contact Us: The Lamplighters are identified as Christians who believe in integral human and ecological justice since that is at the core of their faith. Several of those tenets are provided in support of the rationale for this website.

Q’s and A’s: This page provides answers to several anticipated question. It does not cover theological or scientifically technical questions in keeping with the primary intent of encouraging prayers and actions by faith communities, supported by their pastoral teams. As Lamplighters we want to shed light on the realities facing our planet.

Downloads: Based on Caritas in Veritate and as part of the ongoing efforts to encourage faith communities to answer the call on behalf of Integral Human and Ecological Development a number of potential bulletin or web site inserts are provided in Word doc. format, which the faithful and their pastoral teams can edit or amend to best suit their congregational God-given-gifts.

Useful and informational links are not limited to this page. We will add to and maintain these links to keep the list current.

Praise to God’s Creation: Poetry, video, websites and essays that praise our beautiful planet and all life that exists upon our Earth.

Active Prayer: Provides links to sites advocating prayers for our ecology, global warming and climate change.

















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