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 We need to bring God, especially His Holy Spirit, into the complex global responsibilities we have for sustainable humanity and sustainable nature 

Here is the Pope’s prayer for us to say alone or preferably together: A Christian prayer in union with creation from Laudato si

Pope Francis is quite clear about asking the Holy Spirit for what we need. To this we share the following poem we have composed while gathered in His name (Matt 18:20). 

Prayer for Social and Eco-justice

Holy Spirit we need help!

our planetary home is hurting

global warming and climate change

with millions of humans uprooted

and fish, flower and fauna

facing dire extinction.

                  Holy Spirit hear us!

 We stewards of creation

plead human need for counsel

before using our God given gifts

communally with many others

repair the harm of our greed

with faith in your guidance.

                  Holy Spirit help us!

We are too ego bent

to one color of the spectrum

our need is urgent for inspiration

so truths of our baptismal faith

rend our stubborn hearts

to solidarity of intent.

                     Holy Spirit inspire us!

 We await clergy’s help

ordained to pilot our prayers

within our sacramental sanctuaries

sustaining our own lay callings

for social and eco-justice

help heal our home.

                                                               Holy Spirit guide us!

Download this prayer @ Prayer for Social and Ecojustice

The Passionist Earth & Spirit Center is an interfaith spirituality institute established in the conviction that the Earth and all of its inhabitants are sacred. Its vision is to cultivate a place and promote an ethics of life which acknowledges the Earth to be a single sacred community. In particular visit their many links.

The Web of Creation was established to foster the movement for personal and social transformation to a just and sustainable world from religious perspectives is maintained by the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and is supported through grant funding, sponsorship and endorsement from a variety of faith-based sources. They have a wide range of informative links

Anglican Church of Canada: “…Anglicans  participate in God’s mission in the world. We work with ecumenical, interfaith, and Anglican partners in Canada and internationally. We address issues of climate change, healing and reconciliation, theological education, Indigenous justice, housing and homelessness, and more. The Partners in Mission and Ecojustice Committee (PMEJ) oversees and helps to facilitate this work.”

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishop’s (CCCB): “Living with Limits, Living Well! Hints for neighbours on an endangered planet: A popular-style workbook for small groups to engage on the interconnectedness on [of] spirituality, ecology, poverty and inequality.”





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