The Faithful


  1. Do you accept that our ecology is in distress and that billions of other humans are under duress, often as a consequence of altering ecologies?
  2. Do you believe that there are solutions which can be brought to bear on those global problems despite the powerful corporate and political lobbies perpetuating them for the sake of their own power and profit?
  3. Do you commit to being part of the solutions, for they do exist, rather than opting out from of a sense of impotence or fear of failure?
  4. Do you pray while exploring how to meet the challenges, at least personally, if not in solidarity with others?
  5. Do you discourse with others in your family, among friends, in your church, workplace, school, retirement home, about the realities of our global plights?
  6. Do you enquire about both religious and secular organizations already in the struggle that can use both your prayers and your help?

Some choices where you may already be active in what are called subsidiary (local) activities add to the global collective efforts to reduce our ecological footprint, for example:

  • Supporting or joining local, national or international organizations practicing social and ecological justice
  • Supporting schools in their human and ecological development activities.

The list of possible actions is unlimited and more might be found in the following:




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