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Following the 2009 publication of Pope Benedict XVI’s Caritas in Veritate, the Jesuit Forum for Social Faith and Justice prepared a Guide for Discussion and Action in 2010 at the request of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario (ACBO). Based on our discerned discussions:

  • We accept those climate related realities
  • Tangentially we link to the ever growing body of scientific evidence
  • We cannot separate the human from the ecological
  • We know no easy fixes exist to the complex global issues
  • As Christians we need ongoing prayer for guidance
  • Our active response became this website

We want to reach other Canadian Christians:

  • Especially the faithful of the Canadian Roman and Anglican Catholic Churches, the United Church of Canada and the Lutheran Church of Canada
  • Appealing to our communal belief in God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • While focusing on our recourse to prayer in response to the shared responsibility for sustainable humanity and sustainable nature.
  • As we avoid entering difficult economic, theological and political debates on the myriad issues attending “climate change” and the possible solutions.

  • All people of faith know how to pray.
  • The challenge is in harnessing that powerful resource and channeling the prayers towards a meaningful focus.
  • That focus is received as God given gifts particular to each individual.
  • Faithful Christians can bring God back into the complex equations of a planet whose ecology is groaning in distress due to unrestrained global economic activities which benefit only a minority of His people.

We Christians can gather, in our unique congregations in a powerful alliance in His name (Matt: 18:20), praying communally for inspiration on how to meet our challenges posed by climate change, recognizing that:

  •  No easy fixes exist
  •  The local clergy lead the ongoing prayers for guidance
  • The faithful, in faith, share their inspired approaches
  • The community then chooses its best response(s) believing in its unique individual and communal God given gifts
  • The laity act on the chosen response(s) using their knowledge and skills honed daily in the “Courtyards of the Gentiles”.

Such resources exist in every Canadian Christian church and in each of their individual faith communities.  Each of the faith communities and its faithful do need to be recognized and encouraged by its clergy, so the varied solutions will result from the bottom up.


We defer to the 2015 Eco-News page to provide information on what some Canadian and other global Christian Leaders did to prepare for the Papal Encyclical and/or Paris 2015 and what they are now proposing in light of the global agreement signed by nearly 200 countries. In the words of Ramanathan [non-Catholic who advised Pope Francis on climate and is on the pontiff’s science academy]:

“The world will not act enough on climate change …until we teach this in every church, every mosque, every synagogue, every temple.”

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