Q’s and A’s

We have anticipated some questions and answers:

Q. Why the name “Lamplighters’ Forum?

A. As Luke 11: 33-36 directs we identified our mission as one of shedding light on what we consider the reality of our human and ecological development issues. Thus was coined our name.

Q. Why have you included the ecological, as in Integral Human and Ecological Development?

A. Humanity cannot be separated from its ecology. The two are inseparable. To respect others implies also respecting where they live, how they use the planet to sustain themselves, etc. We are all dependent on our singular planet home and any human development must account for the global ecological implications.

Q. Why the emphasis on prayer?

A. Christian prayer is our deepest act of faith within creation. Our part of God’s creation is under duress. People of many faiths, along with atheists and others, are actively seeking to reduce the amount of global warming responsible for that duress. Despite their own beliefs or disbeliefs, our prayers become an added contribution to the common good. Persons of other faith communities are encouraged to add their own prayers to the solutions already at play.

 Q. Are Christian prayers best nurtured from each faith community Sanctuary?

A. The Sanctuary is where the well-spring of Christian faith best flows and where the focus of prayers is found, at the Altar itself, under the leadership of the consecrated pastoral team. Please reference our Prayer for Social and Ecojustice as well as our pdf Caritas in Veritate: For Everyone!

Q. Why do we say that we are “ecumenical”?

A. The term is applied to all efforts at dialogue between various Christian denominations seeking their theological and liturgical roots in the expression of their common faith in Jesus Christ.

Q. Who is financing this site and this Forum?

A. As an independent group of Christian lay persons, we are sharing those expenses.




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